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Words and Characters Limites of Social App

Number Social Name Properties Value
 # Snapchat Post 250
 # Twitter Tweet 280
 # Phone SMS Text Message 160
 # Linked In Summary 2000
 # Reddit Title 300
 # Pinterest Post 500
 # Instagram Post 2200
 # FaceBook Satus 63206
 # Yelp Post 5000
 # Ebay Title 80

We can count Approximately count of Words from Characters while you write Essay, Document and Presentation slide. Below is the approximate value. So you can check quickly Using our Free Characters count tools without Space and With Space.

ideally, Characters count with Space, You can Count without Space.

~ 300 to 325 Words

~375 to 400 Words

~450 to 475 Words


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This is free tools for count character, words, Sentences Lines, Paragraphs, and Characters without space. Use this tool to quickly calculate your work in plain text and always keep your Eyes on Center. Also, Twitter users can use This free twitter counter tool, this will help in prepare tweets and directly post on your Twitter profile from desktop or mobile App. Right now we are concentrating on the improvement of these free tools, So you can send feedback and suggestions that you are looking for.

As we know the world is limited from ideal character limits Snapchat Post Length is 250, Simple SMS mobile txt 160, LinkedIn Summary Lenght is 2,000, Reddit New Post Title is 300, Pinterest Post length is 500, Twitter Tweet length is 280, the Instagram length is 2,200, eBay title length is 80, Yelp Posting length is 5000.

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Character counter is Good practice for perfect writing in a limited length of the content

Write post on any social in short sentenses and use for positive response. also College and School Students can use this Charcter counter software for count world of Essnt, Latter writing. Data-Entry job users can canulate money from words. also for Writers.

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